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The Drake Design team has vast expertise & knowledge in all areas of building design, being able to deliver a quality service that either private clients or architectural offices have come to rely on time & time again. If you need a draftsperson, architect or building designer, Drake Design can help you.

Cathy Elliot
Jarrett Drake

Registered Building Practitioner & Director

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Phone: 0414 415 117

Jarett’s extensive experience at the cutting edge of building design, business development and client services provides him with the perfect skill set for overseeing the ongoing growth of Drake Design.

Over a period of over two decades Jarrett has continued to value and contribute custom designed buildings, and understands the importance they play in Melbourne’s growth and improvement in the way we live every day.

He believes every project from renovations and extensions to innovative custom residential homes and commercial community facilities, is an important piece of the puzzle that improves the lives of those that interact with the architecture. Hand in hand with this ethos is a requirement to uphold high standards in not only design and how it improves a site, but also the clients experience through the design and documentation process, and the quality of service in delivering their successful project.

An abiding personal interest in architecture and long-standing relationships with key personnel including all our builders and consultants, complements Jarrett’s intimate knowledge of how to achieve success in a competitive market. With a love and sense of community, Jarrett has been an active member and resident within South-east Melbourne and surrounds since the mid-1990s. An active member of several sporting clubs, he enjoys taking time to coach local football clubs in his spare time.

Cathy Elliot
Cathy Drake

Financial Controller

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In a range of ways, both professionally and personally, building design has been an integral part of Cathy’s life. Her constant support of husband Jarrett as he forged his career that has included the significant success of his own businesses was paralleled by her parental role as they raised a family in the Casey/Cardinia community.

It’s a natural progression, and also a return to a position for which she is comprehensively qualified – that Cathy has resumed a ‘hands on’ role as accounts manager at Drake Design. In doing so she makes an important contribution to the already impressive Drake Design team. Cathy’s extensive office management background and her natural affinity with people are a perfect fit for the industry and for this office – and the ideal accompaniment to Jarrett’s acknowledged business skills. Away from work, Cathy’s energy and enjoyment are focused on family, friends, animals and the holiday house she and Jarrett escape to in rural Victoria.

Education: Diploma in Business Management

Cathy Elliot
Cathy Elliott

Senior Designer

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Cathy’s comprehensive skill set lies behind the exceptional track record of home interiors and renovations she has achieved during a career to date that’s defined by total professionalism, dedication and an astute ability to negotiate exceptional results.

Her clear, concise approach to communication assists her to establish rapport and maintain highly effective working relationships with both homeowners and project managers – maximizing the opportunity to achieve the best understanding – and in-turn – result that her clients are seeking. Cathy’s ability to understand the emotions associated with the process of building and renovating homes is based on her own extensive personal experience of improving her family’s home locally. The empathetic approach she has developed as a result of this background complements perfectly the professionalism Cathy naturally applies to the daily demands of delivering notable client service. A love of daring competitive motorsport enjoyed in her free time and it’s role in her family further underpins Cathy’s drive and ambition.

Bachelor Interior Architecture (hon) Monash University

Danielle Griscti
Danielle Griscti

Senior Draftsperson and Team Mentor

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As a mentor, Danielle has proven herself to be a trusted advisor in the industry and as part of the Drake Design team – having achieved exceptional success in her education and career with experience spanning across all components of building design to construction methods.

Self-motivated, passionate and results driven, Danielle builds meaningful, trusts-based relationships with her team and clients, providing advice based on the very best available information and research, combined with her extensive industry knowledge is a testament to her commitment to professional excellence and a determination to deliver accurate advice and results, all vital steps in becoming a licensed building practitioner herself.

A South-east suburbs local, Danielle loves to enjoy everything the area has to offer, on her time off she’s passionate about her business in teaching young kids, staying fit, camping all over Australia and playing with her new puppy, Leeroy.

Education: Advanced Diploma if Building Design
Awards: Student Award for ‘Excellence in Drafting’ – Graduating class at the BDAV Awards 2019

Cathy Elliot
Ryan Gains

Office Manager

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It’s clear as soon as you meet Ryan that he and drafting were made for each other. His enthusiasm for the profession and his energy levels make an immediate and lasting impression on people.

For Ryan, building design is a career choice. It always was. Focused on establishing his position in the industry from an early age of just 17, his progressive attitude and positive approach guide his team on a daily basis. Recognising a prodigy, Drake Design made him a Senior because his passion and dedication demanded the position. Ryan has a commitment to consistent improvement and development that means he stays at the front of the pack in a field where the competition is fierce. As someone who has sought the input and responded to the influence of mentors over time, Ryan is impressively credentialed to provide his clients with astute, accurate advice that can assist them during the decision-making that accompanies the building process. A relationship builder with a natural instinct for establishing rapport with people, Ryan’s approach inspires confidence in clients during what can often be a stress-inducing time. His initiative and acumen bring measurable benefits to his clients – most critically of course regarding the ultimate measure, the final price for their project. These qualities as well as a passion for 3D Modelling, formal documentation and the best part, seeing construction bring the design to life – have established Ryan as one of Drake Design’s most cherished members of the crew.

Education: Advanced Diploma of Building Design and Architecture

Emil Khier
Emil Khier

Senior Draftsperson & Project Lead

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Emil joined Drake Design to follow his passion for architecture and technology, pursuing interests in fields such as Modern, Minimalistic and Japandi Design.

Emil brings years of problem solving, technical skills, negotiating and people skills into the building design arena and uses this experience to achieve outstanding results for his clients. Emil has a very strong customer service ethic, and this comes through when he deals with both consultants and clients. He understands that respect towards both, helps to generate a successful transaction and sees this as a real point of difference in his service. Emil and Drake Design also share a common belief in smaller volume, high quality projects – and a genuine commitment to putting presentation, results and accuracy first. Emil is a creative thinker and skilled at all things computer-aided design as his one of his passions also include IT and this directly contributes to not just the team, but all its projects in order to achieve maximum consistency and efficiency. Outside of work, Emil has a passion for Lego building, (a true building designer) Camping, Hiking and the wonders of Space. Emil is married to Mary, also an architect, and has two vibrant young sons.

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Design

Rachael Miller
Rachael Miller


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Experienced in roles where working well with people and always being willing to assist, have been keys to her success. Rachael’s ability to create a great working context is recognized clearly by her colleagues.

These attributes also win her the appreciation of clients, a fact that’s demonstrated daily as she completes tasks with calm professionalism, a keen eye for detail and exceptional efficiency. That she does so with such a positive, friendly approach makes her role within the Drake Design team even more highly valued.

Rachael loves the chance to enjoy brunches, gardening, cooking and to spend time with her friends and family when she’s not at work, her passion for what she does is a common topic within her inner-circle with curious and keen questions about her industry. She aspires to be a licensed custom new home designer both for Drake Design and for her herself as her passion becomes even more rewarding helping her dear ones realise their home dreams – her skills and abilities will no doubt deliver outstanding results.

Advanced Diploma of Building Design and Architecture


In an industry where reliability can often be questioned, at Drake Design we believe in the importance of building good, honest working relationships. Contact us today to find out about your career opportunity with Drake Design.

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