Brundrett Beauty Modern Home Design

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Nestled on a grassy hilltop, Brundrett Beauty overlooks a quiet valley with distant city views. Above all, this design by Drake Design encapsulates the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and necessity.

Upon entering Brundrett Beauty, you are initially hit with the realisation that you have entered somewhere truly special. This design has a focus on relaxed living, low-maintenance and an ability to capture the landscape and distant views at the same time. Therefore, allowing the space to become place where the owners can come homerelax, unwind.  

Due to the sloped site, split levels adjacent to the entrance instantly adds a sense of drama and excitement to the space. The subdued entrance appears seamlessly whilst the laterally located staircase entrance guides you to the main living area and the private and sophisticated outdoor terrace and entertainment area.

Brundrett Beauty’s, tiered, split-level, low profile is well-suited to the sloping terrain, whilst its dark hues, featuring a combination Colorbond and timber, embrace the tone of the surrounding environment. The contemporary interpretation of a mid-century modern façade and exterior finishes let the inhabitants engage with the landscape. Simultaneously allowing the clients to take advantage of the dramatic views, the privacy and adding a feel of tranquility. 

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