Modern Custom Design Manor Hill

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The team at Drake Design has incorporated a grand, luxuriant, but modern aesthetic ensuring the design sits within the luxurious neighbouring homes seamlessly. Whilst still creating an architecturally functional family home, Manor Hill has an abundance of memorable moments and grand features that the client will never forget or regret. 

Manor Hill, embraces a classic modern material palette, with modern slimline brick features, colorbond cladding and natural timber highlights through a modern interpretation to the timeless Manor on the hill.

With an upside living brief from the clients, every space within the first floor interior captures a vista through copious amounts of glazing.

Ensuring the inter-generational living is maximised, the 3 level custom designed home, is spacious yet simple. With a small footprint a connection to the site was important to the clients, as keen gardeners, adaptable living, easy access throughout the home was a key priority. With Livable Housing standards coming into effect with the new NCC, Drake Design’s experience was essential in incorporating these standards into the homes design. 

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